Sorry for the delay in updates, folks!

NBR now has its very own ISBN number and should start appearing in online bookstores in the next month or so. The retail price had to be increased, however, because everyone takes a cut of the book. The breakdown is as follows:

Print (Retail) Your Royalty $0.97 Price $17.95
Print (Lulu) Your Revenue $5.73 Price $17.95
Download Your Revenue $4.76 Price $5.95

This means that for a $17.95 book, Equality Now only receives $0.97 if the book is sold through Amazon and the like. Now, by all means, if that’s the only way you can get it, please do–it’s better than nothing. But EN receives nearly $6 if it’s purchased through Lulu.

Also, I wanted everyone to know that our account is set up so that EN receives the money directly via PayPal. None of the NBR staff handles the money at all; it seemed the easiest way of doing things. 🙂


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