Mission Statement

The purpose of Nothing But Red is to bring attention to the issue of violence against women worldwide, as well as the continuing need for equality, through art—both written and visual—and by raising money for a charity that strives to help women of all faiths, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds, with the support of dedicated volunteers who share a desire to promote equality.  

What We’re Doing: The plan is to put together an anthology of “responses” to both Khalil’s death and the issues Joss Whedon raised in his original essay (culture of misogyny, violence against women, and the need for equality). It will be printed through Lulu.com, with all proceeds going to charity (we’re thinking Equality Now).

What We’re Looking For: Writers and artists with something to say–people who want to make a difference. Into short stories? Poetry? Essays? Flash fiction? Photography? Graphic art? Any medium is good: this is about expression. We’re also looking for people who just want to help, be it spreading the word, brainstorming ideas, or just offering support. We believe everyone in this world has something of value to contribute.

How You Can Help: Visit our “Submissions” page if you’re interested in being a part of the anthology, whether you have something to submit or you’d like to offer other services. If you’d just like to be kept up to date, send an email to Skyla at SkylaDawnCameron@yahoo.ca and she’ll keep you in the loop.


4 Responses to About

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  2. genio says:


    I got a blog from Deeyah about the honour killing of the teenager Du’a Khali and want to give my expression via a cinepoetry video I’ve made. It’s called “Girl -Woman”, 1.24 min, an art video. If you have time and, can use it in any way about this horrible suppression of girls and women, please do.

    You may copy and paste the link into your browser if you wish.



  3. Greg Peterson says:

    I encourage secularists looking to make a difference in the world to consider taking up his cause. Whedon, a self-described atheist, brought it to our attention. And while this is not a religous issue as such, there are religious overtones to honor killing. Nothing But Red is a perfect chance for us to demonstrate a commitment to compassion and justice that many religious people accuse secularists of lacking. So I challenge my non-religious friends–support Nothing But Red!

  4. Hi Greg. I just wanted to comment quickly–we’ve been trying to make it clear to everyone that this isn’t about religion, but misogyny in general. And you’re right, there is misogyny in the religious world, just as there is the secular world. I too would love to see atheists support this project. I’m a secular humanist who doesn’t frequent secular humanist circles because too often they treat meetings like a book club rather than an opportunity to discuss ways helping people. I second your call for secularists to show that it isn’t necessary to have faith in order to be a compassionate, moral human being.

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