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Get your CSTS flier here!

Please download one of the following flyers to print and distribute. Our thanks to Chris for her fantastic designs.

NBR Full Page

NBR Half Page

NBR 1/4 Page


Please download a banner and post it on your website or signature line on message boards! Just link to nothingbutred.wordpress.com. Our thanks to Alex for providing the buttons!

nbrinfobox.jpg nbrboxbutton.jpg

nbrplainbutton.jpg nbrplainbuttonsmall.jpg

nbrtaglinebutton.jpg nbrtaglinebuttonsmall.jpg


We also have our own Cafepress store. Please consider purchasing a T-shirt and helping us spread the word!


We’re now on Facebook! Please feel free to join us! And you can friend us on MySpace too!




Made a banner you’d like to submit? Email Skyla at SkylaDawnCameron@yahoo.ca


4 Responses to Spread the Word

  1. Darragha says:

    As an American woman of Egyptian/Syrian descent, I am especially horrified at the treatment of women in the Middle East. I am so thankful my grandfather jumped the pond in 1911. I have been active in a global women’s movement to stop FGM in African and Middle Eastern countries. The banner I’d like to submit is one of prayer and action to bring equality and boundless joy to all women.

  2. Kelli says:

    As an American (not just a woman) I feel that we must appreciate the freedoms that we encompass as a people. The right to love freely is almost a given in our society. There are, and always will be consequences that arise when one chooses to date outside what is considered by thier culture as the “norm.” However; death, is not a consequence that we face in America. Dua has inspired me to love with a greater passion, simply because I can; with lesser consequence than stoning. Suddenly a broken heart isn’t quite that bad anymore. Thanks for all the graphics on this site, I’ve used them on every blog site I visit!

  3. We would like to announce Nothing But Red in the journal Network of the International Women’s Writing Guild. May we also have a street address for our records? Thank you.

    Elizabeth Julia Stoumen
    IWWG Network Editor

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