• Skyla Dawn Cameron (Lead Editor, Book Designer, Webmistress)
  • Samantha Thomas (Acquisitions Editor)
  • Angela Todd (Equality Now Liaison) 
  • Nick Monteleone (Public Relations)

Submission Readers

  • Judy Bagshaw – Judy Bagshaw writes romantic fiction featuring full-figured heroines.
  • Brian Baker – Brian is a journalist in Toronto, trying to find the time and discipline to write that epic novel. In the mean time he is content with reporting and editing for a community newspaper.
  • Dawn Bassett – Dawn Bassett is an Information Professional, theatre renaissance woman and soon-to-be first time mom who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Kimberly Bea – Kimberly Bea is a PhD candidate in history who has been making up stories for as long as she can remember.
  • Grace Colella – When Grace Colella isn’t teaching by day she enjoys Zen, playing the cello and reading good poetry by night. Grace lives in Toronto.
  • Elaine Corvidae – Elaine is an award-winning fantasy author and lives in North Carolina.
  • Nick Monteleone –  Nick Monteleone is a tech guy and all-around geek from New York City.
  • Alana Parvey – Alana Parvey lives in Chicago and loves playing with words.
  • Sheryl Nantus – Sheryl Nantus is a speculative fiction writer who grew up in Canada but now resides in Pennsylvania with her husband Martin.
  • Maria Raha – Maria Raha is a freelance editor and writer, and the author of Cinderella’s Big Score and Hellions, published by Seal Press.
  • Alex Remy – Alex Remy is an award winning artist and teacher. She and her husband live in Salt Lake City, UT with their two cats and dog.
  • Clare Roach – Clare Roach lives in Wales, UK with her lovely husband and evil cat.
  • Jasmine Santos – Jasmine Santos lives in Killeen, Texas; she enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, and playing the piano.
  • Leah Schnelbach – Leah Schnelbach was born in Pittsburgh, but took Andy Warhol’s example and moved to New York, where she works in independent publishing and chips away at her novel.
  • Justin Street – Justin lives in Southern Ontario.
  • Angela Todd – Angela learned her love of reading from her father.
  • Jessica Tudor – Jessica Tudor holds a B.A. in creative writing from Eastern University and has been fortunate to assist a project as worthwhile as this one.
  • Collette Yvonne – Collette Yvonne is the author of the cheeky women’s fiction novel “The Queen of Cups,” named by USA BookNews as a Best Books 2007 Award Finalist and published by Panic House.


  • Judy Bagshaw
  • Sasha Elliott – Elliott is a writer, editor, and social development specialist interested in exploring the roots of misogyny and violence against women and girls, and its impact.
  • Elise Hacking – Elise Hacking currently works as an editor for a Philadelphia-based publishing company, and has a master’s degree in writing from Rowan University.
  • Angela James – Angela James is the executive editor of Samhain Publishing.
  • Alana Parvey
  • Maria Raha
  • Jasmine Santos
  • Leah Schnelbach
  • Jessica Tudor


Other Awesome Peeps




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